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We know that when you are looking to become a coach there is an abundance of information out there that leaves you with more questions than you started with


We have tailor-made 3 bite-size masterclasses where you will learn how to earn 10k per Month as a newly qualified Transformational Life Coach and how you can do the work on your own mindset in the process!


3 Bite Size Masterclasses

  • You will learn how to reprogramme your own mindset so you can coach with confidence
  • Find out exactly what qualification is needed to make sure you are protected
  • Discover what is needed to start a coaching business from scratch even if you have zero experience.
  • Learn what qualities are needed to be a great coach
  • I will teach you exactly how you can make 10k months as a new coach.
  • You will discover why Unbreakable Mindset Methodology coaching is transformational and why people WILL want to work with you.

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Joanne Platts

 Permanent Makeup Artist, Beauty Business owner now Unbreakable Mindset Coach

“I was so apprehensive about becoming a coach, my love for helping people was my drive to actually do this course but my limiting belief was who am I to be a coach? But after listening to Jude’s podcast and learning more about who she is and what made her become a coach I decided to go for it. I’m absolutely loving the course Jude explains everything perfectly and she’s at the other end of the phone when I need her. I just want to say  Thank you to Jude for changing my life I’m so excited to become a mindset coach.”

Ann McMahon

Nurse, Now an Unbreakable Mindset Coach

“I was drawn towards coaching for a long time but had trouble finding a course that felt like a good fit for me.  I am so pleased I came across the UM Academy. I’ve done loads of online courses previously and I can honestly say, this is the one I’ve enjoyed the most. Jude’s teaching style is excellent. The content is so accessible but thorough. I’ve learned a huge amount about myself and about coaching. The live calls are great, Jude is warm and friendly but so good at explaining the material and relating it to what could come up in sessions. The other students are lovely and it is such a safe container.  Jude is very hands on and really great to personally answer any questions or address any problems that might come up. I’ve grown in confidence and actually can’t wait to start coaching people to have an unbreakable mindset. I would unreservedly recommend the Academy to anyone thinking of becoming a mindset coach. “

Becky Robson

Nurse, Now an Unbreakable Mindset Coach

Pre joining the Academy the reservations that presented the most was “who would pay me to coach them?” “Who would trust me to help them when my own life isn’t perfect” “can I actually do this?. I decided to just take the leap despite my reservations and Ive had some amazing breakthroughs working through the modules. I feel much more confident as a person and my visions for the future are clearer.  Jude has been a fantastic support throughout.”

How I Gained An Unbreakable Mindset®

Hey, I’m Jude! Founder of the Unbreakable Mindset Method®, and a transformational accredited Life Coach.

The truth is…

I was going through counselling for depression at just 15. And in my early 20s, I was still going through a lot of pain. Despite fast-tracking my promotions early on in my career, on the inside, I was crumbling.

The imposter syndrome was real. I’d tell myself ‘I’m a fraud’, ’I just got lucky’ or ‘I’m not smart enough’, and my mental health was the lowest it had ever been.

But when I was introduced to a Coach, everything changed.

I was able to identify my triggers, implement personal coping strategies and gain more confidence than I ever thought possible.

Now, here I am. From my Coaching practice in the North East of England, I have gained 9 years of mindset and rapid reprogramming coaching experience.

The techniques I use in the Unbreakable Mindset Method® get right to the heart of the internal mindset system and create next-level results.

The same is possible for you.

Are you ready to transform your mindset and life, and that of others by becoming an Unbreakable Mindset Coach?

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